Broad reach and strong foundations

Jonty Pretorius

Senior Project Engineer

In a 12 year career with Fletcher, Jonty has played key roles on some of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure and building projects: the Christchurch rebuild, Manukau Harbour Crossing, Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway and Central Motorway Junction to name just a few.

It was the opportunity to work on such landmark projects that drew Jonty to work for Fletcher as a first year Engineering student at Auckland University. After hearing a presentation on the construction of the Skytower and SkyCity Convention Centre in one of his early university papers, Jonty knew this was the company he wanted to work for. 

A summer spent labouring on the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant laid the foundations, and after finishing his degree, Jonty joined the company permanently as Graduate Engineer on the same project.
Stints on the Stratford Power Station, CMJ Stage 2 and Manukau Harbour Crossing followed, before the Christchurch Earthquakes saw Jonty turn his hand to management. In response to the significant demand for piling and foundations expertise following the quakes, Piletech established a Canterbury regional office – which Jonty led for two years. 

I’ve worked on a water treatment plant, a power station, big bridges, highway projects, building re-levelling in Christchurch, setting up and running a precast yard…There’s a real diversity of projects to work on.

Building on the management capability he had developed in Christchurch, Jonty shifted to the Kapiti Coast to establish and run the precast facility for the mammoth Mackays to Peka Peka expressway. A steep learning curve both technically and from a management perspective, this meant developing a facility from scratch, recruiting and training a team, and developing the systems to meet the production and quality standards. A highlight was casting New Zealand’s largest ever Super-Tee beam - 98 tonnes.

Jonty’s latest move has seen him apply his knowledge of concrete structures and developing teams to the completion of the structures on the Rangiriri Bypass in the central Waikato.

Managing Mackays to Peka Peka's Precast Concrete Facility