Transforming our business through Lean thinking

Marc Parsons

Lean Construction Programme Manager

Lean methodologies are helping to maximise the value that Fletcher can deliver to its clients—with reductions in both time and cost.  

Leading the charge is Lean Construction Programme Manager, Marc Parsons. Marc has been running Lean training courses and engaging Fletcher people around Lean construction methods for the last two years.

Operating across the various business units in Construction, Marc works with a team of Lean coaches to help teams plan and coordinate effectively; identify and eliminate waste on projects, and apply continuous improvement principles.

“Our aim is to develop a culture focused on the relentless pursuit of excellence,” says Marc. “We want to see continuous improvement in operation everywhere, every day.”

Our aim is to develop a culture focused on the relentless pursuit of excellence

With a varied background that includes Business Improvement and tactical roles with the New Zealand Defence Force and the NZ Army, Marc says he enjoys making a difference in how people lead and work together. He also loves a challenge, which is what drew him to pursue a career in the industry.

“New Zealand’s construction industry is in a boom, and who would be better to work for than Fletcher. Productivity is a challenge for almost all industries, and I knew I could make a difference with my Lean capabilities.

“Our Lean programme is customer driven, and at Fletcher I get to work on site with some of the industry’s best people. I have the freedom to innovate with them and connect with Fletcher’s different business units that are using a range of different technologies.”

Marc’s typical work day involves planning and delivering Lean training courses including Six Step Improvement and Last Planner, and engaging with people across our different projects. His training courses are in demand across the Division, with 450 staff trained in Lean Construction so far.

To help people better understand Lean construction, Marc has created a Lean Construction Framework.  The main tool he and the team are rolling out is Last Planner. This is a systematic weekly and daily process where a team makes commitments to complete construction tasks. Starting with the milestones, subcontractors and site leaders plan ahead together in a transparent way, and identify constraints to completion.

This process is highly collaborative and interactive. It includes all parties involved in a project, sharing their individual perspectives and working together to create the optimum outcome.

Marc’s proudest moment at work so far has been seeing the culture change that has come as a result of Fletcher’s Lean programme and the coaching that he and the Lean team are providing.

“I get a real high when one of our people applies Lean thinking to make their workplace, process or tasks easier, safe or more efficient,” says Marc.

Helping people lift their capability is important to us, rather than have them learning through trial and error. We are providing a service, and are here to help leaders and teams succeed.