Papua New Guinea Department of Civil Aviation


US$55 million

Contract Type

Construct only


Nov 1997


Papua New Guinea

Jackson's International Airport

Ready for take off

This major redevelopment of Jackson’s International Airport enabled a huge expansion in flights into and out of Papua New Guinea, increasing tourism and driving economic growth.

Previously, the only international flights operating to and from Papua New Guinea were from Australia, but the redevelopment enabled the airport to accommodate flights from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Bali and other Asia-Pacific locations, resulting in greatly increased passenger numbers. 

Our work involved new domestic and international terminals, public plaza area, paved VIP plaza, three level ATS building, six-storey control tower, maintenance workshops and a fire station. The redevelopment enabled the airport to use airbridges for the first time.

Fletcher was the full construction subcontractor on the project, which was funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, so a Japanese head contractor was appointed.

Unique aspects:
  • Approximately 600 Papua New Guinea locals were employed on the project – or a ratio of 30 locals to every one expat. 
  • Working in a live airport environment. All construction works had to be planned around plane movements. 
  • All construction materials were imported, creating significant logistical challenges.

Project Partners

Name Japan International Cooperation Agency

Role Head Contractor