A sustainable future for generations to come

We want our strong family of connected businesses and the communities we work in to thrive, which is why Fletcher Construction is committed to building a sustainable future for generations to come. We're focussing on the areas that are most important to our people, our customers and our business, and where our actions will lead to meaningful change.

Minimising our environmental impact

Construction can have a significant impact on the natural and cultural environment and its resources. We care for the places in which we operate and have committed to reducing the impact we can have on climate change, both here in New Zealand and our communities in the Pacific Islands, through achieving a 30% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2030.

Fletcher Building has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability™ Australia Index (DJSI) for the first time, as one of just five New Zealand companies included in either the Australian or Asia-Pacific index.

We make an ongoing positive impact by working with our customers and construction partners on sustainability-related projects. We continuously look for opportunities where we can to reduce our impact on the environment—this means managing our impact on natural resources, local habitats, and biodiversity, reducing emissions and waste, removing any hazardous materials and managing water use and energy consumption.

Improving the world around us

It’s important to us that the work we do contributes to a more prosperous future for our people and our communities. That's why we build the critical transport infrastructure that keeps communities connected, install the pipes that safeguard clean drinking water, maintain the local and national roads and networks that get people from A to B, build the global meeting places that bring people together, erect the iconic structures that boost tourism and do the groundwork that enables clean energy sources such as windmills to be built.

Supporting our people

Keeping our people safe is our core value and we want all our people to believe that every injury is preventable so that everyone goes home safely at the end of their workday. We are investing in our safety culture which is based on visible leaders engaging the hearts and minds of our people while ensuring our processes protect our people in an industry that by its nature has a number of critical risks.

Engaging our people and ensuring we have a diverse and inclusive culture is a key focus for our leaders as we invest in the development of our people, technology and innovation.
We recognise the importance of diversity of thought in our business; it drives creativity and helps us better understand our customers and each other. At Fletcher, we have programmes in place to develop and support Māori and Pasifika leadership, gender equality, pay parity, youth employment, and the LQBTIQ+ community.