Creating improved connections

General News

Aug 04, 2017

The MHX Kirkbride Alliance is delivering the SH20A to Airport improvement project, creating improved connections for cycling, walking and driving. The Alliance is made up of the NZ Transport Agency, Beca, Fletcher and Higgins.
The most visible aspect of the work is the elimination of the intersection of the motorway and Kirkbride Road. Taking the motorway beneath Kirkbride Road will separate local and motorway traffic and improve journey reliability for traffic travelling to and from Auckland’s airport. The road upgrade will also improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Kirkbride Road.
The Kirkbride Road Bridge will also reconnect the community which is currently separated by the State Highway.

A good neighbour

The team has constructed more than 700 metres of noise walls, reducing the impacts of road noise on properties bordering the motorway. The walls have been constructed out of a combination of concrete and timber with the design including themes of cultural significance to mana whenua.
As part of its commitment to being a good neighbour, the Alliance has run a number of community initiatives. With Mangere Central School being the site’s closest neighbour, the Alliance devised a way to make interaction with the school's pupils a fun learning experience. A student MHX Kirkbride project team was established. The student project team mirrors the Alliance’s project team— with each student on the project team having a different role, from environmental manager to site engineer.
The student project team has helped relocate eels caught in an ephemeral drain near the construction site, learning about our environmental procedures along the way. They tailed the Alliance’s ground surveying team, helped with playground maintenance at the Kids Connection early childhood centre and most recently planted locally sourced native flax in a small area behind Williams Park.
Completion of the 12-metre wide by 400-metre long trench currently being constructed under Kirkbride Road will be an exciting milestone for local communities. The trench is scheduled to be open to traffic late this month.