Helping make the west coast safer


Jul 04, 2018

When work started on site in May 2016 at the new Grey Base Hospital and Integrated Family Health Centre in Greymouth, a need for training to support the local contractors to meet Fletcher’s Health and Safety expectations was quickly recognised. So Fletcher teamed up with Site Safe to offer a comprehensive safety training programme. 

The first step was getting the Site Safe Construction Passport training programme up and running. While Site Safe had previously provided training on the West Coast, the advent of the hospital project provided the opportunity to team up with Fletcher and reach out to a wide range of local contractors. 

Site Safe’s Southern Regional Manager, Dave McBeth, says it’s been a good opportunity to cement its longstanding relationship on the West Coast. 

“It’s great to be helping raise the bar on health and safety in the region,” Dave says.

Reaching out to workers and employers in areas like this is all about raising awareness and helping support local businesses so that everyone gets home safe at the end of the day.

Fletcher and Site Safe have become the local provider for Elevated Work Platform Training, Working at Heights and Harness Training, and because Fletcher has the space and the resources, we are also providing a training facility for local contractors. 

The training facility has enabled supervisors to up skill and gain leadership qualifications, including their Site Safe Certificate in Construction Site Safety. 

Beyond formal training, it’s about engaging with the construction teams, says Fletcher's Central Region Health and Safety Manager, Maurie Rohloff.

A lot of it is about teaching and guiding, getting alongside people.  Having open and honest conversations, being approachable and actively participating in the work happening on site.

Fletcher and Site Safe also teamed up to create a Safety Steering Group for the West Coast. The Steering Group runs a monthly Health and Safety Forum where Fletcher and Site Safe along with other stakeholders, present to local businesses on health and safety management and new legislation. The first forum was attended by over 60 people.  

What a wonderful legacy to leave behind—not only building an outstanding health facility, but leaving the community stronger and more skilled.