Power to the people

General News

Feb 22, 2018

Elon Musk started the year by sending a Tesla Roadstar into space, and now he’s safeguarding power in Samoa. 

At the main power plant in Fiaga, two diesel generators provide power to the Island. High power consumption places an enormous load on these generators and can cause variance in performance, including power outages. 

The team in Samoa are setting up two new Tesla power stations at different locations on the Island. On top of the mountain in Fiaga they have two transformers and 60 batteries and just near the airport at Faleolo, one transformer and 20 batteries. 

The new Tesla design is setup to provide feedback to the system during these periods of high power consumption to assist and eliminate possible outages. 

The team, led by Branch Manager Chris Schembri, will commission Fiaga in Feburary with a special ceremony.