A business that truly looks after its people

Adam Plimmer

Regional Manager

“Adam Plimmer knows how to make an entrance. When he arrived in New Zealand from his native UK, he didn't just fly here. Instead, he and his Kiwi girlfriend (now wife) drove as far as they could in his 1988 Land Rover. It was a fun way to travel, and it also showed his new colleagues at Hamilton's Brian Perry Civil that he was ready for a Kiwi way of life.

Since arriving, Adam's found New Zealand's the perfect place to raise his young family. "We have a small farm with motorbikes, tractors, native bush, bonfires. It’s like adventure HQ for the kids." His four boys aren't the only ones having all the fun either. Adam might have arrived with one Land Rover - he's since added another 10 to his collection, along with three military vehicles and a 1968 Bedford Fire Truck.

He says the biggest difference between New Zealand and the UK is the Kiwi pioneering spirit. "People are really innovative here, the ability for people to build things themselves, help their neighbours out, all that kind of stuff, to me that’s proper NZ."

Adam is a Regional Manager for Brian Perry Civil, and he's making sure the team is bringing that pioneering spirit to work every day. "This is a business that truly looks after its people, and I think it's important we push people out of the comfort zone to achieve things they didn’t think was possible."