All action when looking out for others

Agnes Langi

Health and Safety Advisor

Agnes started as an administration assistant in 2017 and moved to Health and Safety Advisor in 2020 after encouragement from Branch Manager Josh Collins.
“Nessi is the go-to team member when you need to get something done. She’s motivated and always wants to produce the best results she can.
“When I got here Nessi was doing admin and through our implementation of JDE and new initiatives I saw her abilities grow. When the position of HSE Advisor came up at first, she didn’t want to apply. She was in fact the best candidate.”
Agnes says she wasn’t sure initially, as in Tonga construction is seen as a man’s area. But since taking up HSE she has become passionate about safety in the workplace.
“Changing was a big challenge in both working in an all-male environment and with each individual on the belief that all injuries are preventable. I enjoy being on site and seeing everyone putting safety first so we can all go home safe every day.”
In her spare time Agnes also spends her time looking out for others as district secretary for her church, working with the youth of 12 local villages.
“We run programmes for youth around suicide prevention, healthy lifestyle and care for the environment.
“With the healthy lifestyle initiative, we teach communities how to do Zumba, healthy cooking and other activities. And lastly, we have a Youth Festival in December to wrap up the year.”
Agnes says being part of these programmes and the Fletcher South Pacific safety ‘A-team’ is hugely rewarding and she encourages other women to consider construction as a career path.
“I’d like to encourage women to give it a try. If men can do it why can’t we? Not only can we do it, but we can do it well, so give it a go, you might just end up with a job you love, like me.”