Career experience second-to-none

Zane Ape-Esera

NZICC Site Manager

The New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) project provides plenty of challenges for the team working on it – and site manager Zane Ape-Esera wouldn’t have it any other way.

"At NZICC our Fletcher values are in action every day, “Protect’, ‘Be Bold’, ‘Customer Leading’ and ‘Better Together’. There’s no other project where you can get the breadth of knowledge and experience that the NZICC provides,” he says.

“The project challenges us on a daily basis and encourages us to continuously think outside the square – and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be challenged in that way and gain valuable experience to grow my career.”

An active member of Fletcher’s Whakatupu Maori leadership programme, Zane is currently overseeing the organisation of NZICC’s façade removal works and together with his team striving for the best outcomes for the project and its neighbours.

“The ‘Protect’ value influences every decision we make onsite with safety always at the forefront of our minds. Installing large windows above busy city streets is one thing but pulling them out again without causing damage or harm to our workers or the public, is quite another, so everything needs to be planned right down to the finest detail,” he says.

“We studied a variety of removal options to minimise the impact on our neighbours and the inner-city roading network. Using a combination of on-site cranes that allow us to stay within our building footprint we’re able to remove the glass panels from within the NZICC itself and keep traffic flowing around our site.

“Extra care is also taken to ensure none of the glass products are chipped or broken as they’re being lowered into the building and prepared for inspection. Each glass fin is 10m long by 1m wide and weighs 1.5 tonne, so it’s no small feat.”

Zane says while some may find it frustrating or unmotivating to plan painstaking deconstruction works, he looks on it as a positive. “Normally, in construction, we put things up, not take them down, so we can learn a lot from this phase of work,” he says.

"By anticipating and creating solutions for our client and subcontractors, we’re always We’re trialling different methodologies and learning as we go to find more efficient ways of doing things safely.

“There’s a whakatauki about collaboration - “Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahiengari he toa takitini. My successes are not mine alone - they are ours. The greatest successes we have is through our people and being ‘Better Together’ –  it’s certainly been a great team effort to get us to this point.”