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Jun 2018



Auckland Prison

The Next Step in Corrections Facilities

The Department of Corrections is taking a more holistic approach to managing its facilities, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and supporting inmates back into society.

So when embarking upon a redevelopment of the 1960’s era East Facility at Auckland Prison (New Zealand’s only maximum security facility), there was no intention to replace like with like. In place of an operating model based on containment of difficult prisoners, Corrections wanted a therapeutic modern facility that contributes to rehabilitative outcomes for prisoners, while continuing to protect the safety and security of staff and the public.

As part of the Next Step consortium alongside Cushman and Wakefield, Public Infrastructure Partners (PIP) Fund and Westpac, we are delivering the new facility under a PPP contract. 

Our work involves:

  • Design, construction, finance and maintenance for 25 years of a new maximum security facility
  • Maintenance of the existing Auckland Prison West Facility for approximately 27 years (concurrent with the start of construction of the new facility)
  • Operation is not included in the contract and Auckland Prison will continue to be operated by Corrections.

We are undertaking the design and construction of the new facility, Cushman and Wakefield will be responsible for the Asset Management and Facilities Maintenance, Public Infrastructure Partners (PIP) Fund is equity provider and Westpac the debt provider. Macquarie Capital provides financial and commercial advice to NSP.

We engaged key technical partners, including architects Mode Design, and engineering consultants, Jacobs and Beca, who all played key roles in the design and delivery of the new men’s prison at ASCF.

Project Partners

Name Cushman and Wakefield

Role Maintenance

Name Public Infrastructure Partners (PIP) Fund

Role Equity providers

Name Westpac

Role Debt providers

Name Mode Design

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Name Jacobs

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