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Jan 2015



Auckland South Corrections Facility

PPP model drives innovation in building and operation

With a target to reduce the reoffending rate by 25% by 2017, the Department of Corrections is exploring new approaches to building and operating corrections facilities to ensure the best outcomes for prisoners and safer communities. 

So when they let the new Auckland South Corrections Facility to market, they used a procurement model that is new in New Zealand – the Public Private Partnership (PPP) – which passes the responsibility for designing, building, financing and operating the facility onto another party. The SecureFuture shareholders, comprising John Laing Investments NZ Holdings Ltd, InfraRed Infrastructure, the Accident Compensation Corporation and Serco Group Pty Ltd won the bid to design, build, finance and operate the 960 bed facility in South Auckland with sub-contractors Fletcher, Serco, and Spotless Facility Services.  

We were responsible for the design and construction of the 49,090m2 facility, which reflects international best practice in design and operation. 

The 49,090m2 facility reflects international best practice in design and operation.

The high security facility consists of three house blocks for 720 prisoners, and 10 residence buildings for the remaining 240 men. Each residence unit accommodates six men, who through better behaviour have earned the right to live there. While housed in more domestic buildings, they will take more responsibility for their day to day arrangements, including budgeting, meal planning, cooking and doing their own laundry. 

The prison is designed so that once prisoners are processed through the gate house they are challenged to change their lives for the better and become constructive members of society. Their first home will be House Block 1 which is furthest from the gate. In all cases, prisoners will be housed in accommodation appropriate to their security rating. This is all part of the focus to encourage prisoners to take personal responsibility for their actions, and thus be better prepared to leave and contribute positively to communities.

The facility comprises 32 buildings in total including the Whare Manaaki and Fale Pasifika (cultural centres for Māori and Pasifika prisoners) and large industrial buildings to accommodate vocational and training facilities. 

The training and work facilities are all part of Serco’s focus on reducing reoffending which aims to provide prisoners with skills and training to give them realistic employment opportunities when they leave prison, which relates directly to the Department’s objective.

Unique aspects:
  • An extremely busy site: at peak construction there were up to 900 people on site each day
  • Strict access protocols were required due to the close proximity of the operating Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility and Youth Justice facility, Korowai Manaaki.
  • Close collaboration between the project partners generated cost-effective solutions that provided excellent durability, robustness, and whole of life operational efficiency. These whole of life considerations influenced significant decisions around choice of materials, equipment selections and overall planning and operation of the prison. 
  • Serco will operate the facility for 25 years following its completion

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