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Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct

Doing Justice to our critical services

We all work better together. Sharing skillsets, resources and experience not only improves efficiency, it fosters innovation.

The need for greater collaboration between justice and emergency services was the driver behind the new Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct. The precinct will bring together all justice and emergency services in one purpose-built, world-class precinct in central Christchurch. It is the largest multi-agency government co-location project in New Zealand’s history.  Once open in 2017, an estimated 2000 people will work in or use the 40,000m2 precinct daily.

It is the largest multi-agency government co-location project in New Zealand’s history.

The precinct is the first major public building to be built in Christchurch by the government since the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.  It is made up of three separate buildings: the Justice Building, Emergency Services Building and a separate carpark.  The Justice Building will house 19 courtrooms and associated court and legal functions. The Emergency Services Building will house Police, Corrections and the various emergency services and civil defence agencies. A purpose-built Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will provide state-of-the-art emergency response capability for local, regional and national incidents.
Unique Aspects:
  • 111 emergency services (South Comms) for NZ Police, NZ Fire Service and St John for the whole of the South Island will be co-located in the Emergency Services Building. This will be the first shared 111 call centre for all three agencies in New Zealand.
  • An Importance Level 4 (IL4) building, the Precinct is specifically designed to remain operational after a 500-year return period earthquake.
  • All buildings are base isolated using a combination of lead rubber bearings and PTFE sliders. These are placed within the seismic isolation plane that is formed at the underside of the Level 1 floor. The primary structure is formed with a structural steel two-way movement resisting frame, while a unitised façade system encapsulates the buildings.

Project Partners

Name Consortium led by Warren and Mahoney with Cox Architecture and Opus Architecture

Role Architects

Name Holmes Consulting Group

Role Structural, civil and geotechnical engineering

Name RCP Limited

Role Project and design Manager

Name Opus International Consultants

Role Building Services Engineer