National Capital District Commission



Contract Type

Design & Construct


Nov 2019


Port Moresby

Gordons Market Redevelopment

Creating Safer Spaces for Women and Children

The redevelopment of Gordons Market is part of the UN Women's Safe City for Women and Girls Programme in Port Moresby. Set up in 2011, a main function of the programme is to make the markets in Port Moresby safer for all who use them, especially women and children.

Fletcher was awarded the contract to design and build new market facility, admin building, separate wholesale area, and food court. Crucial to the design of the new market is creating a safe environment for women and children. This means better security and well-lit areas; separate male and female toilet blocks; a safe space for social gatherings; open stairwells; elevated buildings; better drainage; and a separate area for rubbish.

Safety of the 3,500 people who will use the facility is of utmost importance. Fletcher engaged a New Zealand company to model the design and perform a full fire engineering report on the building using the fire safety Verification Method C/VM2 to meet New Zealand and Australian Building codes. This included escape and evacuation times, smoke and fire spread, and detection and protection.

Construction is expected to be completed in January 2019.

Gordons Market will be a standout project for the capital city - not only in terms of raising the bar on safety and hygiene but also by creating a modern and inviting market space.

Unique aspects:

  • Gordons Market provides economic benefits to the entire community. It is a place for women's economic empowerment providing them the means to support their families. 

  • 80 percent of vendors at the Port Moresby markets are women and many have no choice but to bring their children to the market with them. The new Gordons Market will provide a safe environment for women and their children, free from crime and sexual harassment.

  • UN Women have undertaken extensive stakeholder engagement and consultation with market vendors and the wider Port Moresby community. We are working closely with the UN Women's marketing team to make sure the vendors - who have moved to a temporary site during construction - are kept well informed of progress.

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