University of Auckland


$3.5 million

Contract Type

Construct only


Oct 2016



University of Auckland Science Building interior

A vibrant space to teach and learn

The interior of the University of Auckland’s new 38000m² Science Centre is as vibrant as its exterior, with high ceilings, collaborative spaces and natural timber accents. Forman’s precision and seismic expertise was integral to achieving the clean lines sought by Architectus and accommodating the high-level of services required for a research facility. 

Forman delivered a range of different ceiling types across the eleven floors of the building, including: 

  •     Two way grid and Tile: 8,000 m2

  •     Cedar Battens: 11,000 m

  •     Customised Aluminium Grid with Tonga Ceiling tiles: 1,800 m2

  •     Armstrong Metalworks Metal Tile for Labs: 1,100 m2

  •     Alumacoust Mark II Linear Slat Ceiling System: 1,100 m2

Forman worked with Fletcher, Architectus and seismic engineers to solve a number of challenges and deliver value for the University of Auckland, including:

  •     Designed an innovative Aluminium Grid Tee system for the Corridor Ceilings which accommodated both gravity and seismic loads into one system.

  •     Value engineered and simplified the original seismic (ceiling) design to deliver savings to the client. 

  •     Created a concealed system for fixing MDF panels that achieved a flush aesthetic in line within Architectus’ requirements

  •     Resolved clashes between partitions and the ceiling wall angle in a seismic event. The detail achieved was both aesthetically pleasing and seismically compliant.

  •     The high level of services required for the laboratory meant conventional seismic braces could not be installed, so Forman developed an innovative means of incorporating seismic bracing.

  •     Developed an innovative hanging system for the Cedar battens which combined bridging around in ceiling services, seismic and gravity loads. This hanging system allowed us to support the ceiling and maintain clearances from services in accordance with code.

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