Todd Energy



Contract Type

Construct only


Apr 2016



Mangahewa Expansion Project

Strong foundations for gas field project

After securing a significant 10-year gas supply contract, Todd Energy embarked on a five-year expansion project at the Mangahewa Gas Field in North Taranaki in 2011. Piletech has been involved in a number of these projects with main contractor Worley Parsons.

With multi-million dollar plant on its way by cargo ship, Todd Energy approached Piletech to develop an appropriate foundations solution. Piletech was engaged under an Early Contractor Involvement model to help manage the ground risk and develop the most efficient design.  

Challenging ground conditions were just one concern: a live high pressure methane line ran adjacent to the new construction site. With the catastrophic effects of any disruption to the pipe, a low vibration piling methodology and impeccable installation approach was essential.

Piletech adapted standard working methodologies to effectively eliminate or significantly isolate large portions of construction risk. Rigorous safety procedures enabled Piletech to install the 91 piles (to depths of nine to twelve metres) safely and to a short seven day programme.

Project Partners

Name Worley Parsons

Role Main contractor and Engineer