Kathleen Kilgour Centre Limited Partnership


$19 million

Contract Type

Construct only


Dec 2014



Kathleen Kilgour Centre

A new era in healthcare facilities

With state-of-the art equipment, photovoltaic panels and a living green wall, the Kathleen Kilgour Centre is one of the most sophisticated health care facilities in the country. But it’s the comfort the facility has brought to patients that is its most important feature.

Previously, the only option for cancer treatment was more than 100km away, but since the opening of the Kathleen Kilgour Centre, Bay of Plenty patients can receive treatment in their home town – removing the stress of travel at an already challenging time.

While a clinical building, the three-storey, 3,000m2 building is designed to provide a comforting experience for patients, with a welcoming, non-clinical atmosphere.

The ground floor provides consultation rooms, waiting rooms, a CT scanner room and three Linear Accelerator rooms for radiotherapy treatment. These treatment rooms are like bunkers cut into the side of the sloping site, partially underground.  The bunkers contained 1,040m³ of concrete, with 258 tonnes of steel plate buried within the walls and roofs to prevent radiation leakage from the machines.

The second floor is a car park for patients (another initiative in making their visits less stressful), and the third floor consists of offices and consulting rooms.

Photovoltaic cells on the building’s roof offset the energy consumption of the machines used for treatment. Shaded windows reduce glare while providing natural light, and reducing the need for artificial lighting.  A stormwater retention system used in the bathrooms reduces water usage, and a 14 metre high living green wall (containing 3,780 plants) improves indoor air quality and softens the patient experience.

Project Partners

Name Wingate & Farquhar

Role Designer


Name NZ Architecture Awards 2015 (Public Architecture)