Northland Port Corporation


$52 m

Contract Type

Design & Construct


Mar 2006




Supporting Northland’s forestry industry and driving economic growth

New Zealand’s forestry industry was still in its infancy when Northland Port Corporation purchased land at Marsden Point in the 1960’s. Forty years later, with 190,000 hectares of forest coming to maturity and exports set to increase four fold, the time was right time to build a deep water commercial port at Marsden Point.

We designed and constructed the state-of-the art new facility at the mouth of Whangarei Harbour, which can accommodate vessels up to 65,000 tonnes handling three million tonnes of cargo per annum.

Berths one and two comprised a 400m long x 16m wide concrete wharf and dredging of the harbour to provide the deep berthage required for large ships and to reclaim the necessary wharf area. 

Dredging work was often disrupted by ship movements, requiring careful planning with Port operations. Powerful tidal currents and high wind exposure added further challenge.

On the back of the success of berths one and two we were awarded the contract for berth three - a 200m long x 18m wide wharf.

As the Port remained operational during construction, considerable liaison with Port Operations, logging truck operators, container transport operators, bulk woodchip carriers, ship loading operations security and customs was required.

Unique aspects:
  • 3,000 tonne of sheet piles installed for the wharf outer wall and associated tieback wall
  • 130 steel tube piles driven into silt and coarse sand for the wharf structure
  • Wharf deck poured in 24 metre sections.
  • 1.7 million cubic metres of sand dredged from the harbour

Project Partners

Name Beca

Role Designer