Kiwi Income Property Trust / ASB


$105 million

Contract Type

Design & Construct


Jan 2013



ASB North Wharf

State-of-the-art – and sustainable

Kiwi Property Trust had a bold vision for their anchor project in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter: a building that is leading-edge both in terms of workplace design and environmental sustainability. Long-term tenants ASB sought a state-of-the-art head office that reflects the world-class service they provide to their customers, employees and the community.

We worked with Kiwi Property and ASB to bring their vision to life. 

The six-storey, 23,000m2 building is designed as two separate concrete structures, linked by a series of glass bridges that form an internal atrium. From inside the building, the two feel as one. Below this glass atrium at street level, a pedestrian walkway provides access to the boulevards around Wynyard Quarter and the greater North Wharf area.

Every aspect of the 5 Green Star-rated building is designed to reduce energy consumption and enhance the wellbeing of its occupants.

Every aspect of the 5 Green Star-rated building is designed to reduce energy consumption and enhance the wellbeing of its occupants. Natural ventilation is provided via a vast funnel-shaped cavity which draws warm air up and outwards through automated louvres. The louvres open and close in response to wind direction and temperature to maintain a stable internal temperature. A large stainless steel reflector on top of the chimney structure deflects sunlight downwards to filter light throughout the building. Cleverly designed sun shades on the windows decrease the amount of direct sunlight pouring in to the building making it hot. These features combined reduce ASB’s energy use by 50%.

Unique Features 

  • Construction of the atrium was challenging – it is essentially a glass box suspended in mid-air between two external walls. Construction tolerances were exacting. The graduated adjoining bridges added further challenge, as they skew sideways at different angles across the open space to add interest and individuality to the building.
  • In place of the traditional office and cubicle forms typically associated with banking institutions, the building is based around fifteen themed open plan workspaces to encourage collaboration.
  •  All concrete structures and the services are exposed to create an industrial feel – meaning for us that all surfaces and joint widths had to be visually perfect, and tolerances were far more precise than normal.  

Project Partners

Name BNV Architecture

Role Architects

Name Jasmax

Role Architect


Name 2014 NZ Commercial Project Awards - Commercial and Civic (Gold)