Dominion Contractors


$100k - $200k

Contract Type

Construct only


Dec 2015



Federal Street Crane Base

A tight squeeze in central Auckland

Space in central Auckland is at a premium, with major construction projects underway right across the city. Screw piling’s speed of installation and simple retrieval is a significant advantage in the constrained environment.

Dominion Contractors needed a strong foundation to support their tower crane for a commercial building project in the CBD. A piled rather than pad foundation was required to provide the requisite capacity, but with the planned route for the City Rail Link running directly below the site, the piles had to be easily retrievable - meaning bored piles were not an option either. Having worked with Piletech before, Dominion approached us to develop a screw piling foundation solution. 

Piletech designed a significantly loaded screw pile solution which included a unique screw pile connection detail. The connection eliminated the need for concrete curing, and allowed Dominion to immediately erect the tower crane once the piling was complete – accelerating their construction programme. 

The smaller, nimbler plant used for screw piling was another key benefit on the “postage-stamp” sized site – enabling the piles to be installed (and later removed) without disrupting other trades and without the need for major traffic management.   

Project Partners

Name EDC

Role Engineering Design Consultants