Auckland Council



Contract Type

Construct only


May 2015



Scarlock Avenue Culvert CIPP Lining

Trenchless remediation method minimises disruption to community

With an ageing stormwater culvert in the centre of Browns Bay reaching the end of its useful life, Auckland Council faced a significant challenge: how to repair the pipeline without disruption to surrounding residents and traffic? 

Running directly under roads and properties, repairing the pipe via open-cut methods was simply not an option. Pipeworks developed a remediation strategy that saw 60 metres of the 1350mm diameter concrete culvert lined with Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP), enabling the pipeline to be repaired with minimal disturbance to surrounding residents and without the need for road closures. To maintain maximum flow volumes, PIpeworks used a 33mm thick I-Plus liner to line the pipe.

Unique aspects:

  • The culvert followed the course of an existing stream, meaning there was a constant flow of water – even in dry weather.

  • As the only means of access to the pipe was via a number of back sections, Pipeworks used a large crane to lift the liner in place in front of the culvert.

  • With no space to impregnate and invert the liner on site, Pipeworks impregnated the liner offsite and inverted it into a pre-liner. The pre-liner was then transported to site, pulled in to place and inflated – a complex and logistically challenging operation. This was the largest liner ever pulled into position in New Zealand.


Name Hynds Construction Awards 2016 – Category C Winner