$2 million

Contract Type

Design & Construct


Nov 2016



Auckland Airport Pier B

Fast–tracking Auckland Airport’s new terminal

With just 12 months to design, consent and build a new terminal in a live airport environment, Hawkins needed subcontractors with the ability to develop and deliver fast-tracked solutions. 

Piletech used smart thinking at every stage to reduce their programme and provide Hawkins with value for money:   

  • Design: The ground conditions (soft overlying mud, dense sandstones at depths ranging between 12-32m below ground, and potential intermediate founding layers) were ideal for screw piling.  Piletech worked with AECOM to accelerate the foundation design and consenting process; provided advice on pile load capabilities, ground investigation techniques, previous load test data and tailoring helix positions to intermediate layers. Piletech was even able to bring the Peer Review off the critical path as the load testing was undertaken.  
  • Procurement and manufacture: By drawing on their extensive pipe and plate stocks (which total $3M), Piletech shaved three months from the programme without significantly increasing cost. Their 15 year relationship with JPMarshalls ensured the 200 multiple helix piles were manufactured quickly.  
  • Construction: Using two rigs accelerated installation of the piles, while managing the heightened safety and operational requirements of working in a live airport. 


Project Partners

Name Main contractor

Role Hawkins

Name Client

Role Auckland International Airport

Name Engineer

Role Aecom