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Feb 2017



Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway

Both our political heart and the strategic hub for movement of people and freight between the north and south islands, Wellington quite literally keeps New Zealand moving. Safe and efficient transport networks into and out of the capital are essential to supporting the city’s development and driving economic growth.

That Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway is a key section in the 110km Wellington Northern Corridor (WNC), a road of national significance which will provide a more direct route between Levin and Wellington Airport. The WNC will improve safety, reduce congestion and enable people and goods to reach Wellington’s port, CBD, airport and hospital faster.

The 18km Mackays to Peka Peka section delivers a four-lane expressway through Paraparaumu and Waikanae, separating local and highway traffic and creating safer and shorter trips to and through the Kāpiti Coast. Along with Peka Peka to Ōtaki to the north, it makes up the ‘Kāpiti Expressway’ and links to the south with the Transmission Gully project, due for completion in 2020.

Our work scope included:
  • 16 km of new four lane motorway
  • Major upgrading of 2km of highway
  • 18 new bridges, including a new crossing over the Waikanae River
  • 3,500,000 m³ of earthworks
  •  A 16km shared pathway running the length of the new Expressway, for pedestrians, cyclists and horses
  • Connections to local roads at Poplar Avenue (Raumati), Kāpiti Road (Paraparaumu), Te Moana Road (Waikanae) and Peka Peka Road
  • Safety improvements on many local roads in the vicinity of the Expressway
  • Environmental protection and enhancement including 140 hectares of new planting and landscaping, creation of 9.5 hectares of new or restored wetlands and 1.4 million locally eco sourced plants.
We delivered the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway project as part of an alliance alongside Beca, Higgins and the NZ Transport Agency supported by Goodmans Contractors, Incite and Boffa Miskell.
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Wellington quite literally keeps New Zealand moving
MacKays to Peka Peka Flyover

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