New Zealand Transport Agency


$130 million

Contract Type

Design & Construct


Dec 2009



Tauranga Harbour Link Stage 2

History repeats at second Tauranga Harbour Crossing

Long serving Fletcher folk experienced déjà vu when we constructed the second Tauranga Harbour Crossing, because twenty years earlier we had built the original Tauranga Harbour Link, creating the first direct connection between Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.

But over those 20 years there was rapid population growth in the Bay of Plenty, so with 30,000 vehicles using it each day, major congestion and traffic delays demanded action.

We built a duplicate 466m long box-girder bridge parallel to the original bridge, a 550m long four-lane fly-over from the Harbour Bridge to Takitimu Drive and associated on and off-ramps. The 466m long bridge was incrementally launched in 20m sections that were constructed on the Tauranga side.

The 466m long bridge was incrementally launched in 20m sections that were constructed on the Tauranga side.

When the new bridge opened in December 2009, it significantly reduced congestion on the existing bridge, resulting in free flowing traffic once again.

Unique Aspects:

  • Volunteers from the local community played key a role in the launch of the 12 bridge sections, helping to move the friction pads as the ever longer bridge was pushed towards Mount Maunganui using hydraulic jacks - 136 people donated 14 000 hours to help build the bridge.

  • The project was delivered three months ahead of schedule

  • A concerted focus on sustainability saw 70% of waste diverted from landfills every month of recycling or re-use facilities.

  • Construction had to allow continued access for boats to the fishing wharf below the bridge, requiring careful logistics planning.

Project Partners

Name Beca

Role Client Design Consultant

Name Higgins

Role Pavement construction

Name Tonkin + Taylor

Role Geotechnical Consultant


Name 2011 NZ Engineering Excellence Awards (Supreme Award for Engineering Excellence and the Transportation Infrastructure Award)

Name 2010 Contractors Federation Premier Award and the Roading Excellence, Best Project and Supreme Award.

Name 2010 Public Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) Award