About us

Who we are

Fletcher Construction is a team of 3700 people across a strong family of five connected businesses.

Our purpose is to make places better for generations to come. Since 1909 our people have planned, built, maintained and managed significant national infrastructure for the benefit of communities in New Zealand and the South Pacific. We have safety at our core and invest in sustainability for our future. 

The Fletcher Construction Company Limited makes up the Construction Division of Fletcher Building Limited, which is dual listed on the NZX and ASX and operates through six divisions – Building Products, Concrete, Distribution, Australia, Construction, and Residential and Development.

We make places better for generations to come

Our values

Our core values are the foundation for the way we work.  We are unified by these beliefs and commitments and they shape our attitudes and behaviours both within our team and with our customers and the wider community.

We believe all injuries are preventable
We never walk past – we speak up and take action
We celebrate the good stuff
We care for each other
Be Bold
We are curious
We have a go!
We strive for growth
We find better ways
Customer Leading
We put ourselves in our customers shoes
We anticipate and create solutions
We make it easy
We bring the wow!
Better Together
We play fair
We are honest and transparent
We team up to achieve more
We learn from each other