Our roots go back to James Fletcher building a house with Albert Morris in Dunedin in 1909.

Fletcher Bros Ltd was then formed in 1915 and the next year secured the Auckland City Markets contract. Renamed the Fletcher Construction Company Ltd in 1919, it was a key part of Fletcher Holdings which was listed on the stock exchange in 1940.
Sir James was very much a relationship builder with big aspirations to be part of the growth and development of New Zealand. He leveraged his local and offshore relationships to ensure he had the capability to deliver. With innovation, astute political nous and by attracting and empowering the best people, James built a formidable reputation for delivery that is fiercely guarded today.
James II took over when James I was made Minister of Works during World War II, and he consolidated the business. James I was a visionary, James II was a businessman. Both were knighted for the services to the nation.
The Fletcher family is no longer involved in the business, but their ethos of being true to your word, delivering on promises and contributing to the community remains.
Our company purpose is 'We make places better for generations to come' and this is what inspires us today, just as much as it inspired the Fletcher family and employees of the past.
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