Bridges to Schools was launched in New Zealand in 2021.
The programme sees a child-sized cable-stayed bridge broken down into sections and taken to schools across Aotearoa. Volunteers explain the bridge and some engineering basics to the kids, before helping them to put the bridge together, testing their engineering understanding as they go. It’s a fun and engaging way to spark kids’ interest in civil engineering and STEM careers.
Bridges to Schools is an Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) international programme, brought to New Zealand by the local ICE as well as sponsors Fletcher Construction, AUT, Altus, PlaceMakers and Easysteel.
If you are keen to arrange a Bridges to Schools session for your school, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below then email with your name, contact details, school name, school address and the age of the students you are hoping to get involved. Please note that you will need to find your own volunteers to facilitate the session – these are usually parents who have their own careers in STEM that are keen and willing to get involved. It’s fun for all ages!


How many volunteers do we need?

You will need two volunteers as well as the support of the schools STEM leader. Volunteers are usually parents of the school in a STEM Career. 

A lead volunteer will need to co-ordinate 

  • A day (or several) with the school and book the dates with the ICE.
  • Arrange collection of the bridge trailer 
  • Unload the trailer and setup for the session
  • Lead a short STEM career conversation
  • Provide instruction and supervision to the students while the build the bridge and break it back down after
  • Load the bridge back into the trailer and return it to Penrose

A second volunteer will be needed to assist with loading/unloading the trailer, providing instruction and supervising the students for each session.

How much space do we need?

An indoor or covered space at least 17m long x 8m wide x 3m high 

How many sessions do you run in a day?

3-4 sessions can be run in a day depending on the number of breaks in a day.

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