11 April 2024

Building pyramids to support marine life

latestnews marine pyramids

They may look like Daleks, but they’re actually pyramids Brian Perry Civil is constructing to protect Wellington harbour’s marine life.

The pyramids are part of the Te Ara Tupua, a significant infrastructure project that’s creating a walking and cycling link and improving transport resilience between Wellington and Lower Hutt.

Te Ara Tupua Alliance are delivering the project, in partnership with iwi mana whenua Taranaki Whānui and Ngāti Toa.

Australian firm MMA won the contract to construct an engineered reef in the harbour designed to attract fish and enhance the surrounding marine habitats. MMA has engaged BPC to fabricate the 4m x 4m x 5m concrete units, transport and place them along the project.

BPC Project Engineer Sagar Dalal says the team is proud to have a satellite precast yard at Seaview established in just one and a half weeks. “Twenty-four pyramids have already been constructed, with 56 units to be completed by June.”



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