Huge pride in his culture

Francis Swanney-Fetalaiga

Graduate Engineer

At Higgins, we're not just proud of what we do, we're proud of who we are. For Graduate Engineer Francis Swanney-Fetalaiga, that means huge pride in his culture. "I'm Samoan, but I'm also a South Aucklander. That's part of my culture as well. Everywhere I go, I represent where I'm from." He's harnessed this pride to support other Māori and Pasifika engineers through their study and careers.
Family is another huge part of Francis' identity. His parents immigrated from Samoa, and he's proud to be the first in his family to finish uni. "My siblings didn't finish because they wanted to help out my parents and get jobs. I was the last one of five, so they all supported me. There were papers I failed but I kept trying, and that was due to my parents. I didn't want to let them down. They've been through so many struggles and it's just made me who I am."
He's bringing that love of family to work with him at Higgins. "My workmates are just like whānau. I care about them like brothers and sisters. My job as an engineer is all about working together. It's all about the team."